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 Not good ban.

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PostSubject: Not good ban.   Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:25 pm

Hi Admins cheers

Not good ban. Hee ban my for admin apply Evil or Very Mad

I have screen.


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PostSubject: Re: Not good ban.   Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:26 pm

Answer a few questions..


1.Looks like you were camping...Were you??

2.How many times did you ask a online admin for a position??

3.Did/Have you read /rules in-game??

4.Anyone may play my server...Including hackers,But if thay hack then thay will be banned,Now im giving you this one and only chance to tell me if you hack,If you do,I will just note it,And if you do hack then we will ban you,Simple its the 1st rule..

Answer these in STRONG/TRUTHFUL detail and you may be UNBANNED,Failure to do so will result in a LIFE BAN.
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Not good ban.
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